Meet Envoi

Envoi is the first media management and OTT distribution platform specifically designed to leverage the Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS). The Envoi platform provides a full suite of integrations with the leading Amazon Web Services based media asset management, collaboration, distribution, and machine learning technologies.

Who can benefit from Envoi’s unique media asset management and distribution features?

  • Studios: Securely manage your own content libraries and deploy consumer facing web, mobile, and connected TV apps.
  • Brands: Empower your audiences to interact directly with your brand and your own content on their mobile devices and connected TVs.
  • Agencies: Showcase your body of work in a private, branded, access controlled portal. Manage content and metadata with a full range of API access options and integrations. No more clunky links or closed-off asset management systems.
  • Content Creators: Eliminate the middleman by creating and monetizing your own content channels. No distribution partners needed!


Envoi seamlessly leverages the management and deployment tools of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to provide a horizontally scalable application platform.

Envoi’s integration with Amazon Media Services, Amazon Video Rekognition, and Amazon Transcribe provides scalable media processing, transformation, content delivery services, and machine learning services for media management and OTT distribution.