El Segundo, Calif., 7th January, 2021

Envoi is partnering with Meta to launch a metadata-as-a-service offering for its cloud-based content management, distribution, and monetization platform.

Envoi gives filmmakers, broadcasters and video content providers a complete secure end-to-end video management and distribution system. The Meta platform enables media and entertainment companies to contract Envoi to input key metadata into their content libraries, using a combination of AI tagging and manual data entry. This process ensures that all assets are compliant with Hollywood standards, and easily accessible through Meta’s advanced API Gateway.

Envoi’s metadata-as-a-service tagging is EIDR compliant and simplifies content libraries by generating a universal ID for one master audio-visual asset. Multiple versions of the asset are managed by creating variations of the master EIDR title. The ID variants include key information on the title, region and compatibility with different platforms. The process ensures that content is kept secure by including access rights information specific to each version.

Envoi’s customers will gain the ability to input and register new titles with EIDR – a great benefit for independent filmmakers. The ‘API Gateway’ on the Meta platform, makes all of the metadata available to selected 3rd party sources such as broadcasters or streaming platforms via a simple API integration – streamlining the process of providing rich contextual metadata – such as editorial material, high resolution imagery, and video content such as trailers and screeners.

Another crucial benefit for the international media and entertainment market is Meta’s multi-language capabilities – which can support editorial and image metadata in all major global languages – offering huge flexibility and market potential.

Nicholas Stokes, CEO, Envoi, commented, “In the current landscape, media companies and Hollywood studios urgently need to transition to remote content access. When used in isolation, the accuracy of AI tagging isn’t guaranteed, therefore the manual element within Envoi’s service is an essential addition to ensure metadata adheres to a consistent format. With accurate EIDR compliant metadata attached to the assets, organizations save valuable resources locating the
right content from their libraries.”

Rob Tucker, CEO Meta, added, “Our partnership with Envoi is a satisfying example of how quickly great things can be achieved when working with a responsive and nimble client. We’ve got up and running with Envoi in record time with an ‘out-of-the-box’ service that delivers cutting-edge supply-chain functionality and enormous value, and we look forward to developing our partnership further.

About Envoi

Envoi is a cloud-based content management, distribution, and monetization platform, developed by creators for creators. Envoi was built to connect audiences directly with content makers. It integrates seamlessly with existing management and production tools to enable users to move entire workflows to the public or private cloud.

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About Meta
Meta is the Content Metadata Platform and API Gateway for the Media and Entertainment Industries. Meta enables customers to store identification, editorial, technical, rights, discovery and AI-generated content metadata for media and entertainment catalogues. It also stores additional metadata assets like images and videos that are required to complete a dynamic and compelling user experience.

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